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Antescofo Useful Tutorials on this Forum

This is a stick post that aims to collect links to posts with example patches and scores, that can be useful over time as posts get old and get dumped down the list. They all contain patches and working examples. This is in addition to Max/Pd tutorials in the official package and the Antescofo Reference page.

Automatic Accompaniment with Antescofo and SuperVP HOW-TO

Synchronization Strategies
by @echeveste

Antescofo Advanced Language Examples (NIM, Arrays, Functions, etc.)
by @fernandez

Sublime Text Antescofo Plugin
by @acont and @juliablondeau

EMACS Editor Mode Syntax Coloring for Antescofo
by @pierre

Score Access Methods
Description of startfromlabel, scrubtolabel, etc.

Tracking User-Defined Input / Tabla Example

Following Multiple Targets / Jump Example

Antescofo online midi/XML file converter

There is an online converter used to translate a midfile or a MusicXML file of a score into its antescofo equivalent, see the documentation

This converter can be usd online at the url : https://antescofo-converter.ircam.fr/

Antescofo’s Atom package

@nadirb, @clementponcelet @blevy

This package provides a grammar core to activate syntax highlighting for the Antescofo Language and an OSC communication with Antescofo. Event and Action snippets are now available.


Contribution to the Antescofo Mini Symposium


Antescofo Language Demo