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Simple spherical head visualization UI component?

Hello, I am new to spat. Is there a Max object that you could pass in yaw, pitch, and roll and visualize the position of a spherical head? This would be very useful for a head tracker UI. Does a component like this already exist in the library? Figured it might since it seems like a very useful object.


spat5.viewer is a very handy visualization object.
However it’s 2D, so only the yaw angle is displayed.
There is no 3D UI in spat5. Sorry about that.


@shossa3 if you use Ableton, a feature close to that is available in XP Xp4l 1.11
you don’t visualize the head, and instead a first person shooter view. in 3d

example with 6DOF (yaw roll pitch + x +y + z)


Is there a basic example of how to initialize the spat5.viewer object in Max so that one can pass in yaw data? When trying to initialize spat5.viewer without arguments, the object appears greyed out. Are there examples (perhaps you could provide one) or even documentation available online?

You should be able to initialize spat5.viewer without arguments… What is the problem ? What do you mean “it appears greyed out” ? Can you clarify / send a screenshot ? What is your OS / version of spat5, version of Max, etc.

There are basic examples in spat5.viewer.maxhelp, for instance in the “listener” tab.

Ah sorry I discovered that I did not copy the folder over correctly. Its working for me now. Thanks.

Too bad it doesn’t work with Panoramix… it sounds but the head doesn’t rotate.