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Xp4l 1.11

Opening a new thread for the upcoming version. News, information, release date, everything related to this update will be posted from now on here.

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Significant cpu improvement in the v 1.11, on an almost 5 years old machine ( running Monterrey)

The update is not ready yet though, but it’s progressing well.

More soon!

Some updates : for better performance, a lot of code is being transferred to Js, which delays a bit progress in releasing this update.
Btw, among all the new features, one will allow users to quickly assign on the fly osc out, or in for each sources, means if you fancy it, you could easily bridge xp/ableton to TouchDesginer (to mention a great one) in order to use for instance sources coordinates.
It was ofc already kinda possible in the 1.01 by modifying device codes, but now, it’s dynamics and directly from the ui of each sources.

Other news : workshops on xp are starting this months. First physical in Strasbourg (France) and later online (US). Idea of such workshop is to demonstrate XP potential for compositional and live practice withing immersive design context.


A quick update. I have finally decided to take more time on this upgrade, and move a massive part of the code made in max into js. 90% is already done, but the release is nonetheless is delayed.

Thx for your patience, and interest.