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Xp4l 1.11

Opening a new thread for the upcoming version. News, information, release date, everything related to this update will be posted from now on here.

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Significant cpu improvement in the v 1.11, on an almost 5 years old machine ( running Monterrey)

The update is not ready yet though, but it’s progressing well.

More soon!

Some updates : for better performance, a lot of code is being transferred to Js, which delays a bit progress in releasing this update.
Btw, among all the new features, one will allow users to quickly assign on the fly osc out, or in for each sources, means if you fancy it, you could easily bridge xp/ableton to TouchDesginer (to mention a great one) in order to use for instance sources coordinates.
It was ofc already kinda possible in the 1.01 by modifying device codes, but now, it’s dynamics and directly from the ui of each sources.

Other news : workshops on xp are starting this months. First physical in Strasbourg (France) and later online (US). Idea of such workshop is to demonstrate XP potential for compositional and live practice withing immersive design context.


A quick update. I have finally decided to take more time on this upgrade, and move a massive part of the code made in max into js. 90% is already done, but the release is nonetheless is delayed.

Thx for your patience, and interest.

just a few updates regarding xp4l update, now that spat 5.2.8 has been released, which was necessary to release it anyways.

Mac os version is pretty much done. There are few remaining tests. Windows is on a good way. Max implementation is slightly different between the two os, which involve some adjustments. Very likely the Mac os version will be available first. Stay tuned !

Say goodbye to 1.01.

From this Sunday :

-the xp4l website will be down for update (www.xp4l.com)

-There will be no more possibility to download the version 1.01, whether it is the free devices, the standalone or the demo

There will probably not be a demo version for the version 1.11, and I hope the last months gave enough time to get an idea on the workflow proposed in XP.

Let’s start teasing about the update.

While the workflow is pretty much the same, for several reasons, the standalone and the devices have basically been entirely recoded. So it’s a new architecture, using much more JS for instancing operation that could be included to the lower thread.

All devices benefit from new UI. You can also configure with more parameters the 3d view.

We will see in details in the upcoming days what’s is new.

More information about the update.

XP 1.11 will support all mac OS, intel and M1 (native), for Ableton 10 to the recent 11.6.

Unfortunately, it’s very likely that (again) windows version will be delayed to September. I will cover that later.

There have been huge cpu performance optimization, and there is also some settings to help users to go further , that will be demonstrated now very soon.

In XP 1.11 you will be able to load 3D models, and save that configuration with your Live project.

Btw just a quick comment, xp4l doesn’t longer exist

It is now simply named: XP

In XP 1.11 room management is simpler than in xp4l.

Drag and drop an xp.room device, and it immediately creates a room in the project. Now the view also displays a cube sizable shape to help user to understand what is going on.

You no longer need to change the room settings in the engine. Everything is transparent, and managed from the standalone.

Create up to 4 rooms, and assign them the sound source from xp.source device.

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XP 1.11 is out today.

As the project has been entirely recoded, it wasn’t possible to manage a standard update. So this is a brand new version. I will summarize later the release log features, and create a project page here. In the meantime have a look on this video that shows how live Api has been a bit deeper integrated into xp. Mute and solo parameters are now exposed to XP.

As always many thanks to @tcarpent for keeping up the world greatest spatial audio library aka spat~ which is used in XP max for live devices. XP 1.11 requires Spat 5.2.8

Visit www.xp4l.com for more info.

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Quick overview on XP 1.11

A standalone that is synched to Ableton (in Osc)

5 Max for live devices :
xp.visual : manage the standalone
xp.engine: multichannel bus : configure the project / output routing / mutlichannel recording
xp.source : create sound source / configure + animation
xp.room: create spat rooms and manages parameters
xp.group : easy way to transform the sound field

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One of the major new feature in XP is to be able to render the audio scene in 2 modes: Scene, and Listener.

The scene mode is your usual spatial audio scene rendering.
The listener mode, is a First Person Shooter kind of mode, where you will navigate into the sound scene with 6 DOF (degrees of freedom), which is appropriate for binaural audio rendering with head tracking assignation - for Vr /new media experience design

In just on clic, from xp.visual, you can shift in between modes.

I will share more demo later but in the meantime, have a look of this quick screen record of the Listener mode in action, done during the devs :

In XP, besides using automation, there are a lot of ways to animate source. From xp.source, 4 procedural engine are covering a large spectrum of possibilities. Combined with xp.group, transforming sound field has never been so easy :slight_smile:

But another way, would be simply to use clip envelop (with position parameters)

Then, using a launchpad, for instance, you can quickly modify sound field perception.

A quick video to show the basic workflow, and how you can record in binaural. There are actually two ways, but here I am going to use the embedded recording feature of the xp.engine.

As you can see, if takes less than 1 mn from scratch to set the recording

note :

It is a video screen recording, which affects Live cpu.

You will notice that moving the source in space has an impact on the cpu. In XP I have now implemented a way to drastically reduce that, which will be demonstrated in an upcoming video :slight_smile:

After a week of seting up XP at Vega club (Copenhague) i have identified 2 bugs which didnt exist in xp4l 1.01, that need to be corrected asap.

One was about custom layout in engine (only in xp.engine device) The other was about group management both in the standalone and group device. They have already been fixed (i hope). XP users will hear about an update available as soon as possible

Practical cases are always very instructive :slight_smile:

Xp has been updates to 1.12

XP users can connect to theirs accounts to download the last version (dmg).
Install it, and use the device in the dmg

1.12 log info :

bugs :

  • xp.engine : bug fix for speaker layout
  • xp.group : bug fix for enable/disable procedural animation
  • xp.source : bug fix for clear alias
  • standalone : solo patcher hierarchy change (minor bug)
  • standalone : bug fix osc syntax for rotation procedural
  • standalone : bug fix for group delete

Improvements :

  • xp.engine passthrough decoding for ambisonics
  • standalone : ircam spat check at start up.
  • standalone improvements in registering interface
  • xp.source : keymode for alias in xp.source
  • standalone :check for update
  • standalone :message system improvements