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OpenMusic + PM2 - Authorization

I’m attempting to use OpenMusic with PM2. However, between “forums.ircam”, “www.ircam”, and Github, it is not even remotely clear to me whether this is supposed to be free or premium. I was hoping to use this to analyze some woodwind multiphonics, but if it’s going to cost 240€ I’ll have to pass.

If it is supposed to be free, I’d greatly appreciate a walkthrough of how exactly I am expected to authorize PM2. Anything I’ve tried so far just takes me on an endless loop between “forums.ircam”, “www.ircam”, and “auth.ircam”.

pm2 is not free… :frowning:

Yes indeed,
Unfortunately, pm2 and supervp being audioSculpt “engines” are non free.


Oh well. Shame it’s not available as a standalone purchase.