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How to generate Ircam software keys

The maintenance operations about the decomissionning of Forumnet and its shop made it difficult to access you subscriber account and generate new keys. We’re sorry and work towards a better experience for you.

In the meantime, here’s how you can do it now:

You should receive you key shortly by e-mail.

But , we have to waste an installation doing this ?

Hi @jorgesadlevi, what do you mean by “wasting an installation” ? The procedure is just in case you want to generate another key.

hi Jorge

If your computer is authorized , you don’t have to get a code… just go on the page in order to link your Ircam shop account to this new version… just sign in…

I hope I’ve well understood this… to be confirmed… @voyazopoulos ?



excuse my awful english… I’ve corrected my previous post…

Hi Jerome
I ve tried to download and install Panoramix 1.3.9 while a maintenance task was running on the ircamforum site apparently. So , it asked me the software key. By mistake I followed the indications and I pushed ¨get the code¨ once , but now I see that two installations where used when I go to the activation page.
Please, I need to solve this, I only used the code once. best regards. Jorge

Ircam shop for the forum is just beginning in this new version… report to the webmaster : forum-tech@ircam.fr

I’m pretty sure you do not have to worry about a key activation in this condition…



We credited it back to you :wink:

Once the button is clicked, the page might take some time to load and you may have pressed the button more than once, thus generating multiple codes. We’ll fix that.