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OpenMusic and Orchidea


We now have a present-day counterpart to Orchis on MaxMSP… Will there be a present-day counterpart to OM-Orchidée, as well? It would be great to also have an OpenMusic library to work directly with Orchidea’'s command line tools in OM’s environment.

Given the present health crisis, I’d just like to say that I hope everyone in this community is doing well and thriving. Stay safe.

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Very nice idea. Meanwhile, one can use the bridges between OM and bach library to make OM and orchidea working together…

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Very bad idea.
OM-Orchidee has always been an awful idea since you cannot have micro interval playback of the audio buffers !!
You would have to use omsupervp to repitch every sound in your solutions, etc…
This thing has to be thrown away asap !

Yan Maresz

Hi Yan,

I don’t agree, I think it would be great to have an OpenMusic library to work with Orchidea command line tools in OM’s environment, and I just don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t/couldn’t work.

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Yes, it would be great if the same care was put in doing it than the one Carmine and Daniele put in the max version…

I’m referring to the still available OM-Orchidee which is unusable because it does not even comply with the basic concept of playing back repitched samples. If you don’t have the sample, it’s not playable in the real world…

If you can do it, please go ahead.

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OM-Orchidée isn’t the issue of the post, I only mentioned it en passant to introduce the idea of an OM-Orchidea as I summarized it in my OP and previous reply. It was just a snippet of orchidean History.

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Dear all
I started a version for OM with Jean Bresson but we have now not resources to work on it. The idea to make a “language” for assisted orchestration in Max, in connection with Bach, is partly to compensate the lack of the OM version.
We will see what we can do in the future.
All best


Hi Antonio,

We talked briefly about how to import to Max the .txt files from Orchidea 0.5 command line version. Your patch worked a year ago, when I was last using it. Now that I try to import from the 0.5 or 0.6 Orchidea, I get no results. I was wondering if it still works on your machine?

The format of the .txt file between 0.5 and 0.6 versions have slightly changed. But even if I orchestrate with the 0.5 version, I cannot get result into bach.roll. If for you it’s working, I would like to have a short chat with you, if that is in any way possible. Thank you so much!

Yes, I’m also looking for the command line Orchidea to OM library. Or, maybe if it’s very easy to import the command line .txt to OM poly, that would be super helpful already!

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Oh, actually I finally got it to work… very simple fix on my end.

Key for me was to add .connection.txt to the end of the file and then it started to work. However, I tried it earlier today also, but got no results. Some magical pleasant thing has happened.

and there’s a nice tutorial too.

Thank you @carminecella !

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Hi Maija,

Glad the “swiss knife solution” still works on your system after all, as it does on mine.

All the best,

Hello all,

I just discovered this thread and i think Antonio’s idea is great. However, since resources are scarce, and most particularly that Orchidea is not available for Puredata which i think is very unfortunate (for those who work with free software and opensource), i think this should wait a little.


See MyOrch, you can export a bach.score easily to poly




Thanks to everybody for this nice discussion!