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No sound in Openmusic

Since buying a new MacBook Pro, I have been unable to hear any sound in Openmusic. I cannot select objects, and chords/notes will not play.

Hello — I think we need a little bit more info here. Which version of macOS ? Which version of OM ? What do you mean by “I cannot select objects” ?
What you probably need to do is check on the MIDI preferences and set up the MIDI ports.

Thank you for your reply. I’m using MacOS 10.14.5 and Openmusic 6.15.
In the past, I used to use Microplayer, but it seems that this is not available any more. Previously, I was able to click on notes and chords and hear a sound, but I can no longer do this. I don’t know anything about MIDI preferences and MIDI ports.

Ok, so when you say click on notes and chords and hear a sound, I must assume that you mean clicking then pressing for instance the space-bar, in order to hear something. Click by itself is not supposed to make any sound.

When you play a note, chord or any musical object, OM actually doesn’t output any sound, but sends MIDI messages (or OSC messages in some cases, but this is another story). These messages must be caught by some synthesizer in order to make sound. Microplayer used to do that, for instance. I would now recommend to download SimpleSynth to check if things are working, then switch to any more sophisticated synth (on the mac, you can also use Garage Band).

You also seed to setup MIDI ports (in OM Preferences) so that OM sends the messages where the synthesizer is receiving them. macOS provides a system of buses (IAC buses) which is convenient to handle this mechanism.

You can here all info and instructions here:

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Thank you for your reply. This was very helpful. I have followed the steps you suggested, and everything works well with SimpleSynth. The link to the help file on getup was also very useful. Thank you very much for your quick reply; now I can resume using Openmusic.


I am having come problems with audio too. When I try to open any .aiff file ian error message appears (image below). 04

I am using MacOS Yosemite 10.10.5 and OpenMusic 6.15. Any suggestions for solving this problem?

Thank you very much!

Hi paulo,

Usually deletinf preferences.lisp in your workspace (back it up first), and launching the workspace will fix the problem. Unless it is an install problem, which i doubt.


Hi: this is a known issue with the audio library on OSX 10.10 / Yosemite.
See: Loading sound on Yosemite

ps. there might be a confusion here due to the title of the thread. The previous topic was related to MIDI, not audio.