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Reinstalling OM (7) after a few years...

Good evening, everyone.

I’m reinstalling OM(7) - after so many years without using it…

(NB: Monterey 12.3.1)

1st problem: OM Listener has a white font (over white background!?). I’ve changed it on Preferences, but to no avail.

2nd problem: For the midi playback, I’ve installed R-udp-player-14, but it doesn’t show up under Preferences=>Midi. (NB: SimpleSynth doesn’t run on 12.3.1…) Any life-saving suggestions?

Thanks, merci,

Hi LC,
For the first problem, this is caused by the dark mode. In order to circumvent it here is the solution:
Type this command in your Terminal:
defaults write fr.ircam.repmus.openmusic NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool YES

this is for the time being. I am doing another workaround in order to set OM to dark mode.

For your 2nd problem, i use this for midi:


Thanks for your reply, Haddad.

But… I couldn’t really find the right configuration between VMPK, Mac’s IAC driver, and OM7. There’s no sound at all coming from OM. (see attachments)

Merci bien,

Dear Luiz,

  1. You need to launch VMPK Before OM

  2. you need to choose in OM’s preferences ‘midi-player’ instesad of osc-scoreplayer as in this picture:

  3. vmpk preferences should be like this:

Hope this helps.


Cher Haddad,
C’est parfait, parfait!
Merci bien.

Le seul problème c’est que les quarts et octaves de tone ne sont pas joués…

Cher Luiz

Normalement, il faut evaluer d’abord le pitchwheel:


comme d’habitude, non?

mais… ça ne marche pas avec vmpk dans ce patch (je ne sais pas pour quoi…):

ça sonne toujours comme 1/2…


Ca doit etre encore les settings de vmpk. Moi j’ai ca et j’ai les 1/8 de tons:

Apparement vmpk ne garde pas bien ses preferences.


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