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Finite Element : using triangular mesh vertices instead of hexahedric

Hello !

How are you ?
I am an old (heavy ?) Rhino user and currently generating a collection of 3d-scanned objects.

— Is it possible to use a finite element method with meshes made from triangular vertices instead of hexahedric ?

Thank you !


Hi Oliv,

if it can help, Gmesh (linux) can do triangular vertices meshes which may be used for finite element methods.

All the best.

Hey Fred !!

Thank you for your answer !!
I am exporting triangular vertices meshes from Rhino as STL files.
I then convert them into MESH format using Gmsh (super: http://gmsh.info).
Finally I want to import them into Modalys. But I could only import hexahedric meshes using the command:
(setq coco (make-mesh 'read-from-file “mesh_from_gmsh.mesh”))

PS: .MESH files can also be .MODAL ones.

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If I read the Modalys documentation more carefully (Finite Elements.pdf)… It is specified that it only deals with hexahedric meshes.

Hello to all — Was there any resolution here?

I’m also attempting to use Gmsh for mesh creation / conversion. I’m unable to convert triangles to hexahedra in Gmsh, though. If anybody has a suggestion, please let me know.

Many thanks! —

You can here find some info that may be useful for you:

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Hi everyone,

Sorry to catch this that late!
1- Quads should work as well as hexahedra 2- Triangles will be best avoided!

Could anyone provide with a questionable .mesh file generated by gmsh? I recently came across a similar problem due to some dialectal idiosyncrasy (worked around in Modalys 3.6 beta :wink:).

Also you should know that 3.6 beta now imports .obj although this is not quite documented…

Thanks, that would help a lot!

素晴らしい! :slight_smile:

Hello, I had a successful result with MeshLab : tri to quad by smart triangle pairing

I’m using Fusion 360 —> creating a mesh, exporting to OBJ —> then converting via MeshLab


A great and solid (and free) alternative is Instant Meshes: igl | Interactive Geometry Lab | ETH Zurich | Instant Field-Aligned Meshes

All the best,


Dear Antonio,

Yes it is !
Late thanks !


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