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Creating a multi-platform max for live device

Hi, Forgive me for asking so many questions on the forum, I am an intensive spat user!

I wish to create a windows / mac compattible AMXD

However, when I add both the MXE externals, and the MXO externals to my max project, and freeze the device this isn’t enough it seems.

I know that spat on windows needs depencencies to run, but how does this work if the m4l device is frozen? Can I add the depencencies to the AMXD?

The windows version does not want to work.

  • I have Visual c++ dist kit
  • I have Spat installed in the max packages folder

Do I actually need the spat package when the device is frozen?

Greetings, Marijn

For Windows, you’d also need all the DLLs that are in the “support” folder of spat.
I’m not sure if they can be included in the AMXD or if you need to copy them in a specific folder (i.e. in a folder where Max can load them – not the Max application, but the Max executable that is shipped/bundled with Ableton Live).
I dont have access to a Windows computer at the moment, so I cannot test. But I guess a bit of trial-and-error should give you the answer.

Also : I dont know if it’s possible to create one single AMXD for both Mac and Windows. Maybe ? No idea.



I tried to make a cross-plateform device but you can’t include all the DLLs in it, even if you work “properly”, that is to say, build a Max project first, but Max crashes at freeze… too heavy or too many files, I don’t know.

So it’s excluded, so on PC you need the support folder in the path… or simply the Spat.

As for the mxo, it seems that including them allows the device to work under Mac OS… this remains to be seen case by case for mxe64…



I managed to make it work!

My device was also crashing on freeze. For me, fixing the structure of my project:

  • Patchers
  • Media
  • Externals

After I restructured my project so that all the spat externals (XMO and XME) are in the externals folder. After doing this, max was able to build the m4l device. And IT WORKED! on both windows and mac. It is not clear to me if I even need the spat library, because when I take it out of: My documents / max 8 / packages, the whole thing still works.

Greetings, Marijn

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Did you fail to build your device from MacOS or from Windows ?


Hi, I am interested in this.

@beller, I guess it failed on windows, since you only have DLLs on windows (?)

@marijn, Here is something to think about and check, if you can: It is possible that it still works because it is loading the externals not from your device but from your max installation. Can I ask you to try to switch ableton live’s preferences to use built in max installation that is shipped with ableton instead of your main max installation? That built in installation should not have access to the packages and program files (e.g. DLLs) installed on the main installation.

Thank you

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I think it works because I loaded the MXE and the MXO files into my AMXD as shown in this tutorial:

Greetings, Marijn

@marijn wow, that’s and oldie (can’t believe it’s practically 10 years old)
That’s very good news then :slight_smile:
Thank you.

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old, but is still works!