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Yaw and Aperture in Panoramix tracks

Hi Spat List,

Am I missing something or in Panoramix tracks one cannot access the Yaw and Aperture parameters as one can do in the spat oper?
Can we access them in individual Panoramix tracks?
They are useful and important parameters to use.
Thank you in advance.


Hi Lorenzo,

Unfortunately, yaw and aperture are currently not supported in panoramix.
This is a frequent user request, so we hope to implement it in the future.


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Hi Thibaud,
What if we send the appropriate message to spat5.panoramix to change those specific parameters? Even if it doesn’t show up anywhere in the GUI, will it still be applied?
Simone Arganini

Hi Simone,
No, that really is not implemented. Yet.

Thanks Thibauad,
Looking forward to see these function implemented, so.
I will wait until then to use panoramix because I use these parameters a lot in Spat!