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Xp 1.20

Introducing 1.20

I am excited to announce XP 1.20, the most substantial update in the past year.

There are plenty of exciting changes happening behind the scenes, and I will share more details as soon as I have a release date locked in, which hopefully shouldn’t be too long now.

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XP 1.20 will provide support for M2.

This update introduces several exciting new features, with one notable improvement being the enhanced clarity in the View menu. Now, users can switch between Scene and Listener modes from the standalone, a subtle yet significant enhancement.

Listener mode offers a natural perspective for crafting immersive VR or XR audio experiences, faithfully replicating the first-person viewpoint. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with headtracking devices, delivering a fully immersive 6-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) experience.

XP 1.20 is released tomorrow.

Bellon find the update log before sharing a video going through this release.






  • Provides support for Apple M2
  • Mac OS support up to 13.5.2
  • Optimized for Ableton Live 11.3.11
  • Built with Maxmsp 8.5.6


  • Implemented code refactoring to enhance application functionality and improve Ableton bridging.
  • Implemented glCore support (Cycling74’)
  • Major Code change for visual rendering
  • fixe various gl objects rendering
  • improve text display increasing rendering performance
  • UI change for About, Activation, Shortcut, Speed limit
  • Adding listener view in Menu bar
  • Shift to documentation online instead of local
  • Preference file management set to Xp folder in Application Support (Mac)
  • Change device count for room and group (0 is default)
  • Adding line to center for source
  • Adding spherical representation for sound attenuation radius
  • fixe missing mouse tracking for active windows (windows only)


  • Implemented new instancing system to improve bridging with Standalone
  • Shift to documentation online instead of local
  • Major fixe for device instancing bug with liveAPI in the case of saved project (mostly on M2)
  • New generic code for device sizing
  • UI change for version dialog
  • Groups are now set from 1 to 5


  • fixe missing init parameter for display size when saving a project
  • add mouse button to enable/disable mouse in Xp Standalone
  • icon change for rendering mode (scene/listener)
  • new device checking code
  • various changes/improvements


  • change in default room count (now 0 is default)
  • UI change for speaker guideline
  • various changes/improvements


  • default audio on load is set to Left channel
  • adding line display
  • Group assignation code change
  • Room assignation code change
  • Fixe bug when working with cartesian format on reopening
  • Improve sound attenuation setting up for drop/radius parameter
  • new feature allowing to record automation from procedural animation (in cartesian mode)


  • various changes/improvements


  • various changes/improvements
  • fixe missing parameter init on reopen

A seamless transition: from a scene to a first-person audio perspective, two rendering modes accessible in a click.