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Xp 1.20

Introducing 1.20

I am excited to announce XP 1.20, the most substantial update in the past year.

There are plenty of exciting changes happening behind the scenes, and I will share more details as soon as I have a release date locked in, which hopefully shouldn’t be too long now.


XP 1.20 will provide support for M2.

This update introduces several exciting new features, with one notable improvement being the enhanced clarity in the View menu. Now, users can switch between Scene and Listener modes from the standalone, a subtle yet significant enhancement.

Listener mode offers a natural perspective for crafting immersive VR or XR audio experiences, faithfully replicating the first-person viewpoint. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with headtracking devices, delivering a fully immersive 6-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) experience.

XP 1.20 is released tomorrow.

Bellon find the update log before sharing a video going through this release.






  • Provides support for Apple M2
  • Mac OS support up to 13.5.2
  • Optimized for Ableton Live 11.3.11
  • Built with Maxmsp 8.5.6


  • Implemented code refactoring to enhance application functionality and improve Ableton bridging.
  • Implemented glCore support (Cycling74’)
  • Major Code change for visual rendering
  • fixe various gl objects rendering
  • improve text display increasing rendering performance
  • UI change for About, Activation, Shortcut, Speed limit
  • Adding listener view in Menu bar
  • Shift to documentation online instead of local
  • Preference file management set to Xp folder in Application Support (Mac)
  • Change device count for room and group (0 is default)
  • Adding line to center for source
  • Adding spherical representation for sound attenuation radius
  • fixe missing mouse tracking for active windows (windows only)


  • Implemented new instancing system to improve bridging with Standalone
  • Shift to documentation online instead of local
  • Major fixe for device instancing bug with liveAPI in the case of saved project (mostly on M2)
  • New generic code for device sizing
  • UI change for version dialog
  • Groups are now set from 1 to 5


  • fixe missing init parameter for display size when saving a project
  • add mouse button to enable/disable mouse in Xp Standalone
  • icon change for rendering mode (scene/listener)
  • new device checking code
  • various changes/improvements


  • change in default room count (now 0 is default)
  • UI change for speaker guideline
  • various changes/improvements


  • default audio on load is set to Left channel
  • adding line display
  • Group assignation code change
  • Room assignation code change
  • Fixe bug when working with cartesian format on reopening
  • Improve sound attenuation setting up for drop/radius parameter
  • new feature allowing to record automation from procedural animation (in cartesian mode)


  • various changes/improvements


  • various changes/improvements
  • fixe missing parameter init on reopen

A seamless transition: from a scene to a first-person audio perspective, two rendering modes accessible in a click.

Live 10 users :

It’s going to be more and more complicated to guarantee compatibility and future support for Live 10 (released in 2018). This version is bundled with Max 8.1.11, and performances of Xp are not satisfying in such configuration.

If you want to remain with live 10, or dont have other choice, and want to use Xp, the work around is from your preferences, to tell your Live Ableton to use a local Max msp application, from 8.5.5.

Either way, it means having maxmsp - and sometimes it’s worth upgrading to Live 11.

Hope this will help you.

Two informations :

Once again, it is crucial to ensure that for each update of XP, you utilize the appropriate device version with its corresponding standalone version, and not previous ones. We strongly recommend shifting to the new version once you have completed a project that is currently in progress.
The best practice is to have one folder “Xp_devices” where you store the devices and replace with the new ones. Sometimes, you might have duplicated devices, in particular in the case of save & collect. It is often source of problems afterwards.

In the future, we may introduce a feature to verify your installed Spat~ version, although this is not yet confirmed. Please remain vigilant and make sure to keep your Spat version up to date in order to use Xp 1.20.

As of now, the Spat~ version stands at 5.3.1.

Join the discussion on Spat~

Coming next in XP, the missing bridge : xp.source.pan

xp.source.pan provides a seamlessly intuitive user interface, facilitating control over the spatial position of audio sources. It will stand as an invaluable tool for swiftly recording automation, offering users an instinctively navigable touch experience. It’s an usual/UI tool for spatial audio, but yet wasn’t introduced from the beginning. It’s worth noting that the initial omission of this device was intentional. From its inception, XP was primarily designed for live performances, and we dont want people to make a live show with a mouse - do we? However, as the project has evolved, the value of integrating such an interface has become evident. It not only proves to be immensely useful but also injects an element of fun into numerous tasks. Consequently, we are expeditiously working towards incorporating this feature.

It should be available very soon in an updated XP 1.20 package, and we will let you know when it’s ready

New tutorial is on !

En français, cette semaine à Montpellier, une masterclass/demo autour de Xp4l et de l’audio spatial en general

Xp 1.20 package has been updated. If you download it again from your user account, you will get our new and beautiful xp.source.pan.

You should also update the Xp app because there was a little mistake in our original upload (number of loudspeaker was missing). Please install again to correct that error.

How xp.source.pan works?

1- create a source with xp.source

2- add xp.source.pan on this same track (before or after, whatever).

And start dragging around !

hope you will enjoy this one. Let us know

xp.source.pan is a bit similar to spat5.viewer, but it’s designed specifically to work with Ableton Live and Xp. Entirely made in js.

As we are reviewing the latest updates, tests on the last Live 11.3.13, which did not include any major changes to the m4l api, suggest that everything is working normally.

As for Spat 5.3.2, it seems all good as well. It will likely be the upcoming supported package for Xp 1.20.

Let us know if you see anything.

For you information:

the version of the bundled Max in live 11.3.13 is max 8.5.5.

In Live 10, the bundled Max version is 8.1.11, which implies very bad performances with high cpu usage. As a Live 10 user, you should be using a local max version or considering upgrading to live 11.

Few news on various ongoing updates:

-----no issue -------------

-Ircam Spat version supported is now 5.3.2

-Mac OS Sonoma 14.3 is confirmed to be supported

-Xp supports Ableton Live 11.3.21

-----issue -------------------------------

-Xp is not ready yet for live 12. We are currently investigating one issue in the max for live devices. But of course we aim to support it as soon as possible.

We will keep you informed on that last point very soon.

hi everyone,

to reassure everyone following my last post about Xp and Live 12, it now seems that the bugs we identified (which was actually linked to max for live side ), are fixed and seems to indicate that Xp will work normally in the upcoming live 12, provided that the most updated version of max4live will be associated with the release of live 12.


Following on from our previous post on XP vs Live 12, as Ableton decided to bundle Live 12 with max 8.6.0, it will imply the issues we raised above with this version of Max and XP, in particular in regards of the new way dict is working (in js and dict.unpack). Ironically this has been fixed by Cycling in the … 8.6.1. This is obviously very disappointing for us, because technically there’s no reason why Xp shouldn’t work in Live 12 with the most recent version of Max.

The work around for now for users wishing to use XP in live 12 is to download the version of max 8.6.1 from the cycling site, install it, and in your live 12 preferences at file and folder, point Ableton to this version

Although it’s not complicated, we’re sorry to have to ask you to do this, but it’s the only way around the problem at the moment before Ableton, hopefully not too long from now, comes up with an update.