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Welcome Alveoli…

Thanks to the new possibility to use several Max for Live devices using Spat 5.2.2, I present you Alveoli a stereo panner in a hexaphonic solution.Dedicated to amplified music, or other stereo sources

it’s a simple way to have a surround experience other than the one of searching for a trajectory, for example, which requires a lot of speakers…

- Alveoli

Max for Live Device version 1.0 for Hexa Stereo™ system

Designed with Spat 5.2.2, for OSX and Windows. Needs spat on Windows

Traditionally, in stereo, the azimuth between the listener and the speakers is ideally between -30 degrees and +30 degrees.

This panner therefore offers surround panning rendering in this configuration, where the 6 speakers are oriented at 60 degrees to each other, and which are equidistant from the center. This is the principle of Hexa Stereo.

Here is an example of Live Set to help you find your way around, the device is inside.

In the master track you’ll hear a binaural panning monitoring, and the hexaphony is send to returns tracks.

Panning uses 6 preset buttons for a perfect position for rendering, but you can interpolate by hand, this azimuth is controlled by automation.

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Thanks for sharing your work Jérôme :+1:

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