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URGENT: Old SPAT externals for 64Bit?

We plan to perform Gregoire’s Lorieux “Exercice de la Lumiere” and we have some issues on 32bit externals:

newobj: reverb8_ext~: No such object
newobj: shuffle4~: No such object
newobj: shuffle6~: No such object

As long as I know they must be old spat version externals, is there any way to find them again in a 64bit build, or someone can point me to a 64bit substitute?


These externals from spat v3 are not available for 64bit architecture.

You can somehow replace them with :
spat5.reverb~ @channels 8
spat5.shuffle~ @channels 4
spat5.shuffle ~ @channels 6
For the reverb object, you would also need to adapt the control syntax.