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Updating Spat4 patch to Spat5


I’m updating some other people’s patches from v4 to v5. I have this message going into spat.spat

room 1 crit tr0 $1

I can’t work out what [crit tr0] is for spat5.spat - online and documentation searches have proven unfruitful. I’d be grateful for a reminder from anyone who knows what these values are called in Spat5.

It’s related to an infinite reverb effect, fyi…


Hello Nick,

This message sets the global reverberation time (in seconds).
In spat5, this is achieved with /room/1/tr0 [number] (message to spat5.spat~).

All the best,

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Many thanks T!

Sorry, I did search for “Tr0” in the user manual PDF but it didn’t come up.