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Updating from spat 4 to spat5?

Hello, i would like to know if there is a kind of automatic process to update a patch using spat 4 to spat5. Especially messages sent from oper, which need to be OSC-ified. If not, is that easy ? what are the best practices and so on ?

Hello vichug,

No, there is no automatic process to upgrade.
However, that should be (hopefully) relatively easy. Depending of course on how complex your workflow is/was.
I suggest you have a look at “spat5.tuto-migrating-*.maxpat” examples, as a starter.

As for OSC-ification, you could use [spat5.osc.slashify]. Be aware, however, that this object is not “smart”. It really just add a “/” character. So, this can be convenient, but might not be enough to properly upgrade your patchers. Various messages/syntax have changed between spat4 and 5.

Another tiny advice is to have a look at the “status” window of spat5 objects. It’s usually an easy way to discover the possibilities and syntax of each object.


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Hey, thanks a lot ! I hadn’t noticed all those tutorials, that and spat5.osc.* objects helped a lot. At first I was a little disappopinted that the whole messaging system had changed, but after seeing example of scripting trajectories with o.* objects i wasn’t anymore :))


We have implemented with @tcarpent a helper patch to convert preset messages from spat4 to spat5 in the spat5.tuto-presets patch that you could tweak to your own process…



hello Nadirb, i don’t find this patch in my install of spat5, maybe i have to update !
but anyway I could succesfully translate the params, it wasn’t so complicated, there weren’t so many things. I will try to find this tuto-presets patch though, in case i want to convert other patches in the future.
Thanks for all your efforts in tutorials ! It’s really appreciated.

Here’s an image capture. It must be in the latest version of spat5 :



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