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Unity + Vive Pro + Spat

Anyone does 360 video playback using unity and vive pro/oculus and sound spatialization using spat? Able to provide a workaround? I am fairly new with unity but can manage spat!

sorry what do you want to achieve here ? can you be more precise?


I have to do sound design for a 360 visual and I thought of using reaper as daw and spatialising in spat~’ What I need is a solution to monitor visuals in an HMD using some solution (eg, using unity or jitter in max or something) that I can combine with Max, Spat and Reaper. I can use use HTC Vive or Oculus.

really not sure to understand. You need advice for a visual device to display what? the visual content? but this is ircam spat forum. You d better ask this in a unity or related forum which are the most commonly used tool for such thing. I believe there is not a “all included” solution with client software to compose music for vr. If you look for a tool where you can synch unity to ableton with 6DOF to see where are the sound in the 3d, i just release XP, that is using Spat~. Xp4l 1.11 - #13 by fraction

You also might want to check wwise directly, which is what most of people is using to compose sound for unity.