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Trouble importing snapshots Spat5

Hi I am focusing on the IrcamVerb within the spat externals for Max, where I would like to explore the snapshot’s interpolation mode - since it would be the most convenient way of dynamically change the quality of the room.

Since I did not find a way to save the snapshots (also not through enabling the embed attribute), I would like to loadbang a txt-file (nested ? or multiple files) and import the snapshots I saved earlier. YET ! the /snapshot/import function is not working in my patch, neither through dropping files in the drop-file object $1 or referencing the file-name directly.

Help !


Sorry for the late reply.
Are you using the latest spat version ? In v5.2.9, the snapshot window has been very much improved.
It should now be quite straightforward to load/save snapshots, and to interpolate.
Have a look at the attached video :

I hope this can help you. Otherwise, please send your patch or further information.


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Hi, I had some issues with loading the new version because of the spat gui object that was stored in an old max project folder (patchers). Deleted it an now it works, thank you !