Trajectory library

Hello, is it possible to create a library of trajectories and recall them when certain conditions occur?
For now I have only found Trajectory Score Library-master usable through antescofo ~.
Are there any other solutions?

Thank you

There is no built-in feature to create/edit trajectories per se, but many external tools can be handy. It really depends on which “kind of trajectories” you’re looking for (algorithmic, hand-drawn, etc.)
You’ll find a couple of links in the spat5.overview.maxpat patcher (e.g. IanniX, Vezér, ToscA, etc.)
You might also have a look at spat5.osc.record~ and (although not really finished and not very well documented); spat5.ltc.trigger~ might also be helpful.
Hope this helps.


You could also use coupled native Max objects like pattrstorage, autopattr and preset to store the sources’ positions and use the pattrstorage ability to interpolate (Cf, the help file) from one position to another…
There’s a beautiful example in the ForumMaxApps made by Manuel Poletti, called Interpolating Scenes: Although it is not ported to Spat5 (which I am doing in my lazy moments, stay tuned… )

Please do not forget Simone :wink:


P.S. By the way, what’s stopping you using Trajectory Score Library ?

Many thanks!!! Fantastic, great!!!


You may experiment with this patch using the max object ‘mtr’.

Please send a report in case it crashes (mtr is kind of caprisious…) or about its usage. Thanks.



1Source-Spat5-mtr.maxpat (34.3 KB)

Hi, great! thank you very much!