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ToscA OSC output only when playing in Reaper?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to configure ToscA to only send output while the session is playing in Reaper? I’m getting a continuous stream of output as long as the window is in focus, but it would be nice for it to stop when the transport control stops.


see OSCar which is the successor of ToscA



thanks, Jerome!


I guess I had this “problem” with Tosca but also with OSCar. But a good way to solve it is to create a simple cycle action like this :

Hope it helps.

Dankeschön Christophe,

That’s very good to know. There’s always a way in reaper… ha!

In the meantime, Thibaut was kind enough to make an updated “experimental version” of OSCar that adds the functionality via a simple “playhead” toggle button on the interface. You can find it here.