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Stereo mode in spat5~

hi T,

i m not sure to understand the attribute @mode in the spat5~ in particular for stereo
does it mean that it implies that the spat object will be making a sum of the stereo signal inputs for that source if we say it’s a stereo input? because at the end, wether we say @mode mono or stereo, it will remain a unique source addressed by this spat right?


Hi Eric,

No, there is no summation to mono.
When using a stereo input, the source is treated as a stereo pair, and the angular width of this pair is controlled by the “early width” parameter of spat5.oper.
The “uniquely addressed” source position (xyz or aed or whatever) controls the center position of the stereo pair.

Similar behavior is demonstrated in the “stereo” tab of spat5.viewer help patcher.

Hope this helps,

really? haha i wasnt aware of that at all after years of using spat :slight_smile: always worked with mono anyways.

so it creates somekind of two ghost for one source, then it takes the 2 inputs signal. I see now.

thx, it helps!