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Square speaker configuration in wfs~

Greetings Maxers,

I wanted to ask you if you have found a way to make filters for a wfs in a square speaker configuration. Im trying to create one sdif file that will have the info of the filters for the square configuration precomputed. I tried to make 4 different sdif files for each side, but I didn’t find a way to import them all together (seems that wfs~ can handle only one sdif file). Any kind of help will be appreciated.



In the latest versions (5.2.6 or higher), there is no need for sdif files. Everything is computed on the fly by the wfs processor (based on the speaker positions and directions).
These latest versions should also natively (and easily) support square-like speaker configuration.
So, you should upgrade to 5.2.6, and there will be even more stuff in forthcoming 5.2.7.


Thanks for the quick response. I installed the new version of Spat.5 (I had the 5.1.9) and i found the new documentation about the wfs~. Although, when im trying to edit something either to my patch or the example patch my Max crashes. The version of Max is 8.2.0 I’m running the version 5.2.6. My computer’s specs are i5-10500H, 16Gb RAM, SSD, GeForce RTX 3060. Do you have any ideas what could cause all these crashes?

Are you on Windows ?
Can you identify some steps to reproduce the issue(s) ?
I will send you a pre-release of 5.2.7, just to check if by any chance the issue has already been fixed.