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Spat5.wfs~ QH6214 Error

spat5.wfs~: QH6214 qhull input error: not enough points(2) to construct initial simplex (need 3)

While executing: rbox | qhull Qt
Options selected for Qhull 2020.2.r 2020/08/31:
run-id 575045105 Qtriangulate _pre-merge _zero-centrum _maxoutside 0

Is there a functional problem with this error or does this error simply not draw the polygon for focus area in spat.viewer?



Hello Tanner,

I’m not sure if the problem is functional or purely cosmetic.
I presume there’s something odd with your (geometrical) setup.
Could you please send the corresponding patch ?


Thanks, T.!

The array may indeed not be compatible, but I wanted to try it. BTW, this is the accurate, updated loudspeaker locations for Virginia Tech’s 134.4.2 channel Cube. I need to enter the orientations and can share for future Spat builds.
WFS-example-01.maxpat (99.5 KB)

OK, I see.
The error message is related to the “/dump/area” message which, for the moment, should not be used with 3D loudspeaker arrays. This should not cause any functional issue.
Thanks for the updated speaker coordinates. This is updated in spat5.speaker.layout for future releases.


Awesome, thank you T.!!!

I will reach out when I get the correct orientation for the Cube loudspeakers.