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Spat5.wfs.grid and spat5.wfs~

In the reference file for spat5.wfs~ it says that “spat5.wfs~ uses a precomputed set of data filters (see [spat5.wfs.grid]” and in the reference file for spat5.wfs.grid: “spat5.wfs.grid supersedes and replaces [spat5.wfs.config]”. But opening the helpfile for spat5.wfs.grid it only contains the message that spat5.wfs.grid is deprecated.
How do you now make the filters? Do you now make the filters directly in spat5.wfs~?


In the very latest builds, everything is calculated on-the-fly by spat5.wfs~
Therefore spat5.wfs.grid and spat5.wfs.config are deprecated.

With the latest spat5.wfs~, just make sure to send the proper speaker positions AND orientations/directions.
I’m still improving a bit the new algorithms, and I’ll add more examples/documentation in the future releases.


I see! Thanks!
How do you set the spacing between speakers (ie 57mm, and the like)? Do you have to set it manually, as in the subpatcher for the different array-setups?

It’ll be great if you can make some more examples for the next release.

No, you dont set the spacing. You must set the speaker positions (as you would do with other panning algorithms). Incidentally, this also means that non-linear spacing is supported.

Yes! I know this deserves more documentation… Soon

So you then have to set each individual xy coordinate?

Yes. The best is to send a list :
/speakers/xy [list of 2xN values where N is the number of loudspeakers]

(of course you can also use xyz or aed or any other format supported in spat5)


By the way, back in Spat5.2.2, when one could generate filters using spat5.wfs.config, the spat5.wfs~ object takes a “directivity”-file in sdif-format as an input, but this file isn’t generated with the colls and the filters-sdif. What is this directivity file, it’s not necessary?

This is not necessary.
This was used to synthesize virtual sources with directivity. This feature is/was restricted to Ircam internal use only (therefore not quite documented/advertised).


That’s great, thanks! Just curious, I’m doing some testing with the older and new WFS-objects, and couldn’t remember if I’d used the directivity files previously…!
Great work! Looking forwards to the next release!