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Not too sure about what’s going on in this patch, but in the spat5.wfs.config helpfile the spat5.osc.view displays “/anchor/number 9856”, and when toggling on the “visible” button for either of the two /anchor/* message boxes spat5.viewer throws up an error of “spat5.viewer: error occurred when processing “/anchor/*/visible 1”. Reason: there is no anchor”.

Also, when opening the help patch, this error is posted:

spat5.wfs.config: error occurred when processing “/distance 5”. Reason: QH6013 qhull input error: input is less than 2-dimensional since it has the same x coordinate

While executing: rbox | qhull Qt
Options selected for Qhull 2015.2.r 2016/01/18:
run-id 1531458163 Qtriangulate _pre-merge _zero-centrum _max-width 0
Error-roundoff 0 _one-merge 0 _near-inside 0 Visible-distance 0
U-coplanar-distance 0 Width-outside 0 _wide-facet 0


Hi Ulf,
I presume this is due to the [spat5.osc.ignore /anchor] located before [spat5.viewer].
The reason for this routing is that displaying tons of anchors in [spat5.viewer] is not very efficient.

And about your second post : I believe this is fixed for the next release.
Are you using a specific set of parameters (spacing, distance, number of speakers) ? or is it just when you open the help patch ?

Just when I open the help patch. Just looking at the objects currently, designing a WFS rig and making plans for software along with that.

In terms of anchors, when opening the spat5.wfs.maxhelp “example” tab it throws up the same error when toggling “/anchor/*/visible $1” to 1. Can’t see a spat5.osc.ignore /anchor in the path.