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Spat5.wfs~ config file

I’m trying to hard code the “wfsfilter-…sdif” to the spat5.wfs~ object, rather than using the live.drop object. But giving it a message of “/load wfsfilter-120ch-48000.sdif” or “/filters/file wfsfilter-120ch-48000.sdif” returns
spat5.wfs~: error occurred when processing “/filters/file “wfsfilter-120ch-48000.sdif””. Reason: Could not find file "wfsfilter-120ch-48000.sdif"
The file is in the Max search path, in the same folder as the wfs-patch.
How can I get this hard coded into the patch?

Oh, never mind, I see that the path is written into the file, so moving it upsets Spat. All working now.

Glad you found a solution.
Still, the fact that sdif files are not found in the Max search path seems like a bug. Will try to fix that soon.

In case that can help, I believe that spat5.hostinfos can report the path of the current patcher, so you could also use that to load sdif files with their full path.


I see in the header that the path is coded into the file, so probably why. It would be great to have that changed. But all good!

Just another quick question:
Do you also load the files “wfs-virtual-sources-areas.coll” and “wfs-virtual-sources.coll” into the spat5.wfs~ object with the /load message? Along with the “wfsfilter-120ch-48000.sdif”?

No, these files are only for display/debug purpose with spat5.viewer.

Ah, yes, what I thought and hoped! Thanks!