Spat5 strange behaviour


Hi, I’m new to this forum, but I have some years experience with spat and other ircam object libraries. I just upgraded to spat5 and I noticed that it crashes when I’m making a new instance of any spat5 object on a specific mac (5.1 mac pro, mojave, max7 64bit and max8) and it doesn’t crash on other computers (6.1 mac pro, mojave, max7 64bit & max8 / 2015 MacBook pro, high Sierra, max7 64bit & max8 ). Any ideas?


Welcome to this forum.
The latest releases of Spat5 require AVX 1.0 extensions (see section 2.3 in Spat5-ReleaseNotes.pdf),
which unfortunately makes it incompatible with 5.1 macpros. You’d need a newer hardware. Sorry about that.
The last version compatible with 5.1 macpro (or other hardware without AVX) is Spat 5.0.8 that you can find in the “Archives” section.