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Spat5 Snapshot Interpolation Slow / Incorrect?

Is anyone else experiencing an issue where interpolating between snapshots in spat5 is very slow and sometimes incorrect?

The interpolation is correct when set to 0 or 100 but in between the two snapshots, the changes to the parameters is laggy and jumps between values. Sometimes the azim value will even spin a source around the centre when only it’s distance is different between snapshots.

This seemed to be fine in spat4 - is this a known issue or is there some specific way to interpolate that makes it smooth and accurate?

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 08.38.00


I know that snapshot interpolation has always been very slow/heavy. We’ll work on it at some point.

But laggy behavior is unexpected. Can you send a patcher demonstrating your issue ? (I need to know which object(s) is affected, and which parameters you’re interpolating)

Thanks for your report,

The laggy behaviour seems to just be a result of the slow/heaviness. It might be that the interface is catching up with the internal state but it sounds like the parameter changes aren’t exactly smooth.

I sent the patch to you via a direct message. It’s just a mod of a tutorial patch using the /snapshot/interpolate/ method above.

Thanks for your help