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Spat5.sfrecord weirdness


(I’m on a 2017 MacBook Pro OSX 14 (Mojave).
I’m rendering a file in nonrealtime, using the spat5.sfrecord object. But when everything is done, the created file still says that it is 0kb (even though the folder it is in has a non-zero value of a few Mb, but no enough for what it should be). Why does this happen and where does the data go and any workarounds? I waited half an hour after stopping recording, but nothing changed. The same procedure works fine on an M1.


spat5.sfplay~ and spat5.sfrecord~ are not compatible with non-realtime mode. They have been designed for realtime only (with massively multichannel files).
I have recently updated the documentation accordingly (it’s not yet in the public release).
Sorry for the inconvenience.

PS : this applies to all platforms and architectures (Intel, M1, etc.)



My mistake, then! And thank you for chiming in so quickly, T!