Spat5.osc.midimap troubleshooting



1/ I am trying to map one MIDI controller to control multiple OSC patterns through spat5.osc.midimap but they are folded

Attached the xml.file and an img caps of the result.

2/ I also would like to control a group of diagonal knobs at any position in the grid, actually the patterns in the xml file. (I tried, late at night, to derive from the example in the overview but no way)

Thank you :slight_smile:


01-flatness-matrix.xml (867 Bytes)


Hi Nadir,

What you did is correct, however there is a tiny bug in [spat5.osc.midimap] when reloading an xml file containing duplicated entries.
This should be fixed in the attached version (and in the next release).
Nevertheless, the warning in the help patcher remains true: mapping one controller to multiple values might not be a good idea… use at your own risk.

T. (1.25 MB)


Hi Thibaut,

Thank you for the upgrade :slight_smile: Yes I have read the warning !