Spat5.oper yaw high-level data output



On spat5.oper, when I track the second outlet (high-level output), the yaw only outputs when I control the oper on screen. It does not output a value when oper is controlled by incoming data. The other parameters appear to output correctly. Any chance of fixing this? (There are timing reasons for wanting to use the output of Oper rather than use the data being sent to Oper).

Running the latest Spat5 in Max8.



Hi Natasha,

When you send a “/source/1/yaw” message to spat5.oper, you get a “/source/1/orientation” message delivered to the high-level outlet. This message represents the orientation of the source expressed as a quaternion. If needed this quaternion can be converted to Euler angles (yaw/pitch/roll) with spat5.quat.toeuler. In general, you don’t need such conversion as most spat objects support the “/orientation” syntax.
Can you work with that ?
If not, could you please detail your use case.


Hi T

Yes, I can work with the quaternion to Euler option.