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Spat5.oper.embedded not working on Windows?

Hello T,

I think spat5.oper.embedded is not working on Windows. The interface seems to be a greyed out/glitch panel. It’s also the case on more powerful PCs I’ve used.
But weirdly enough it works fine in some spat5.overview tutorials.

screenshot oper

Also, is there any way to have the source moving with the mouse drag? When I use it on Mac, the source only changes position on mouse up.

Thank you!

Hello Ariane,

Thanks for the report.
I’m not completely sure where the display bug comes from, but it is hopefully fixed in the new build (download link below, for Windows). Let me know how it goes on your computer.

However, be aware that “embedded” graphical objects are a lot less efficient than their non-embedded counterparts. (in the new build I also made a tiny improvement in the graphical refresh of embedded UI objects).
The sources are supposed to move during the mouse drag; it’s just that the repaint/refresh (of embedded objects) is relatively slow and heavy.



Hi Thibaut,

Thank you so much for the quick reply and build! I’m downloading it right now and will keep you updated.

Thanks again!

Hi again, the new build works great. The mouse drag is still not fluid on my PC, but as you said that’s completely normal. Thanks again for the quick help.