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Spat5 Ground Reflections

Hi all. I’m looking for advice on how to implement a two-way ground reflection model with Spat5.

I’m simulating a pass-by event in an outdoor scenario, with doppler and air absorption corrections. If possible I would like to include the effect from ground reflections too.

My initial thoughts are to calculate the path-length difference between the source and receiver and then use a delay line of some sort, however the delay times will need to update as the source moves. Perhaps the spat5.early~ module is best suited to this?

Any advice appreciated as my experience with Spat5 is minimal!

Thanks in advance.

Your initial thoughts sound good. You can use a delay line (delay~, tapout~, spat5.delay~, etc. they all support variable delays), and set the delay time according to the path length. And you could further add a filter.