Spat5.grids question



Is there a way of setting up spat5.grids with X points and map these to a single spat5.hoa.encoder~ input?


Hi Ulf,
I don’t quite understand your question. Could you clarify / rephrase ?


Oh, sorry, not very clear.

I would like to set up spat5.grids, with something like, for example, “sphericalcovering 77”, setting up 77 points on a sphere.
Rather than treating these 77 points as individual sources, can this be mapped to ambisonic harmonics, through spat5.hoa.encoder~?


Hum, sorry…
I don’t see how such “mapping” would differ from “treating these 77 points as individual sources” (i.e. a “normal” encoding process).
No clue.


Oki dok, thanks anyways!

By the way, when selecting any of the options from the dropdown menu for “1-point spherical 0-design” posts an error like:
"spat5.grids: error occurred when processing “/type “3-point spherical 1-design””. Reason: invalid grid: “3-point spherical 1-design” "
Error for all entries. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.


OK, tiny bug. Fix for the next release; thank you.
Meanwhile you can just use the “nearlyuniform” menu; both menus are just aliases for the t-design grids.