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Spat5.cross3 with mc

Hi Thibaut,
I’ve remarked that using spat5.cross3 with mc activated, the three audio outputs of the object merge into one.
If I feed a multichannel signal into spat5.cross3, I expect the object to output three streams of mc audio channels, one for low, one for mid and one for the high frequencies.
Or I am wrong?

Hi Lorenzo,

At the moment, this object does NOT support multiple inputs.
It only supports 1 IN / 3 OUTS. When you enable “@mc 1”, the 3 outs are just “packed” together (which is the expected behavior).
If I understand correctly, you expect the object to have N INS and 3xN OUTS, with the 3xN OUTS packed as 3 MC signals. This is a feature request. I’ll try to implement it for future releases.


Yes, I imagine that because the three outlets of the object give three different filtered signals…
Anyway thank you!