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Hi guys,
I have a 41 ch speaker system and an intended listening position. I would like to create a binaural output module in MAX/MSP (with the intention that I could easily listen the output using headphones). I was thinking of using the spat5.conv~ object to do the convolution. I have the 41 Impulse responses (corresponding to each speaker to the listening position for the left ear and to the right ear) for the left and the right ear. My plan was to convolve the input with the IR’s and then summing the output to produce the left and right binaural output. Alternatively, would there be a more efficient way of doing this?

Many thank’s in advance.


Hi Ronny,

This approach seems totally correct. That will work well.
Be aware that the cpu cost will likely be high (due to 41 x 2 convolutions); try to keep your IR filters as short as possible.


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