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Spat5.binaural object architecture

Is it possible to see the internal architecture of the spat5.binaural object to actually understand how the calculation for the binaural takes place?
Thanks in advance.

spat5.binaural~ is an external object written in C++. So you cannot “open” it to see the inside.
The internal implementation is relatively straightforward. What exactly do you want to know ?

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thanks for the quick reply.
I would need to understand exactly how the binaural is made.
In particular, I would need to understand all the steps (math and formulas) used to convert sound source information into binaural information.
Thanks in advance.

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Binaural synthesis is achieved by filtering the (monophonic) input signal(s) by the HRTFs.
In the most simple case, HRTFs are represented as finite impulse response (FIR) filters. These filters are stored (for instance) in SOFA files.

The basic procedure for binaural synthesis is described below (excerpt from Binaural synthesis with the Web Audio API - Sorbonne Université).

Check : https://vbn.aau.dk/ws/portalfiles/portal/54564101/Moller_1992.pdf
for further information.

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Thank You very much for your time.
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