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Hi T,

i was intending to use spat5.align~ , thinking there was the also the possibility to be able to manually set speaker delay/gain with spat5.align~, but it doesn’t seem possible. Is there another object in spat5~ where one can adjust those parameter manually ? i mean without to build the whole chain. Maybe that object could have the feature, enabling ‘custom’ message for speaker gain/delay (if on site it requires a bit more adjustement for instance)


Hi Eric,

You could use spat5.delay~ and spat5.diagmatrix~.
There is an example in the “details” tab of spat5.align~.maxhelp.


oh super great, thanks a lot thibaut!

so I m using align~ with the speaker positions to get only delays/gain values from the right inlets.
I m wondering whether it would be relevant, or not, to have in spat5 a spat5.align external (without ~) that just makes the calculation and no signal processing.

What about spat5.speaker.config ?

right on! everything is there as usual :slight_smile: