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Spat~ with HDMI multichannel amplifier?

Hello everybody,

is it possible in spat~, to address passive loudspeakers through a multichannel amplifier with HDMI input ?
Wether a 5.1 or dolby Atmos amplifier …
The Idea is to program a standalone app for an installation with up to 9 passive speakers.
This will be a dome configuration.
Thanks ¨

Hi Damien,

spat~ is not directly responsible for addressing the loudspeakers.
This goes through Max + audio device driver.
So, if Max is able to address your multichannel amplifier, so does spat~.
Since your amp uses HDMi, my guess is that it should work out-of-the box (?)


Thanks T.,

Yes it did work with a Denon 7.1 amplifier.
For information, only thing is that the subwoofer is recognised as 4rth channel by the audio driver.
Since I don’t use one (it’s a separate coaxial channel on the amplifier), you have to mess around with the routing…
To be sure: “speaker 1” in spat~ environment refers to “channel 1” (not “output 1”) in Max Audio Status window ?

The first output channel (i.e. the leftmost outlet patchcord) of spat5.spat~ corresponds to “speaker 1” in the spat interface (where you edit the speaker/source positions).

Then it is your responsibility to properly connect this signal to the physical loudspeaker, via Max dac~ object (and via the I/O Mappings of Max Audio Status window).
Spat~ is not aware of dac~ nor of the I/O mappings.

I am using a very cheap 7.1 surround DAC (35 euro) through 8 OEP30w chips (8 x 2.5 $),
that works very well for me !

Thanks for the information ewoudvane !