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Spat type algorythm with XP4L, advices?

I’m really new with Spat and I’m trying to figure out what is the best algorythm for my projet.
I’m currently adapting a musical performance which was in stereo for a special A/V event in a planetarium. It’s a dome , but the sound configuration is 6.1 (basic 5.1 + a 6 which is a seperate zenith monitor). I’ve done many stems that I spatialize with XP4L, but I can’t really figure out which is the best algorythm for my project, I’m currently using Vbap3D, but I can’t really test the result for now before the residency , i’m just using the binaural preview to setup the session. Any advices for this kind of setup ?
Thanks a lot


Hello Valentin,

Well, 5.1 + zenith is not really well suited for 3D reproduction, regardless of the chosen algorithm.
That said, VBAP3D should work, i.e. it should produce output signals.
However, expect that the panning law won’t be really smooth (especially when moving sources) nor really accurate. Spat will likely print warning messages to let you know.
You should probably hear these localization artefacts with the binaural preview.



Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I know this set-up is not a really precise set of speakers for 3D reproduction, I’ll use spat with XP4L more like a surround panner for ableton, with mostly horizontal sources. I’m gonna try VBAP3D then.
Have a nice day !

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