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Spat-sdif-render in with OM-Spat


I am using om spat to make 3D spatialisation of some hundreds audio channels. The waiting time is considerable for every synthesis and I observed the render takes always less than 100% of CPU (using single core) .

I wonder if there is a way (f.e. change some parameter or global variable in om-spat) to enable something like multithreading to use all 6 or 8 cores for rendering? When I works for example with Modalys, it always enables it and could take 1200% or 1600% CPU to accelerate the rendering time.

Thank you very much in advance!

Best wishes,

Hello Jialin,

Indeed, there is no multithreading option, so everything runs on one core only. And it would not be easy at all to add multithreading in spat-sdif-renderer.
That being said, I have just made some improvements that might significantly speed up the rendering time (especially if you process short files). If you are on macOS, I can send you a new version now, for you to test it. If you are on other platforms, we’ll try to make an update in the coming days.


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Thank you so much for the support ! Yes I am using macOS 10.14.6 at the moment. That is be great if you could send me this new version .

OK, here is a new build for macOS :

Let me know 1) if that stills works properly, and 2) if you notice any speed improvement.

All the best,

Thank you for the build! I tried today. For the 3 dimensional spatialisation, it doesn’t work (maybe because I used a relative old computer). But for the 2 dimensional spat, yes I think it runs quicker

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