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Spat installation

Spat~is a no-installer archive. So, where do I have copy the several folders which come from this archive ?

You can copy the whole ircam-spat folder wherever you want, as long as it lays in your Max search path.

If you are not familiar with Max search path, the easiest is to copy the Spat folder into /Applications/Max5/Cycling '74

(respectively /Applications/Max6/Cycling '74).

Finally you can (but dont have to) move the “Ircam Spat Overview.maxpat” file into “/Applications/Max5/patches/extras” so that Spat will appear in the Max/MSP “Extras” menu.


It’s more suitable to create a special folder and put all the extra externals/abstractions etc… in it. In that way you will be able to control versions and upgrades.




It’s exactly what I did :slight_smile:

Hello! Resurrecting the conversation on Windows installation.
I have unzipped an insanely large file in comparison with the Mac installation (4Gb vs 600mb) and trying to figure out how to make it work in Max 8, in a Windows computer. Unfortunately, there are no clear indications as to how install this, except this outdated post. I have added the directory reference to the Max file preferences. Still Max do not recognise it. Also, although I have purchased IRCAM Forum, I wait for SPAT to ask for my authorisation code, but it still does not. Please help!

We are willing to help, but a clear question is more likely to receive a clear answer (“Max do not recognise it” is not helpful).
Try following the instructions here :
There’s no authorization code to enter.

Sorry about my unclear question. The problem started from unzipping in MAC that really messed all the files. Everything was clear when I tried to re-download the file in Windows and all instructions needed are included inside the documentation. It seems like everything is working now!

Good to hear everything is working now.
I’ll try to make the installation instructions even clearer and more visible for future releases.
Yes, unzipping the windows package on a mac makes a terrible mess; sorry about that.

I’ve had the same issue but with Max 8 / Spat 5. I’ve tried the suggestion here but it doesn’t seem to work for the latest versions. I’m new to this and all the documentation seems to assume everyone already knows what they’re doing!


here’s some answers,

hoping it helps,


How to Install Spat5 :

Since Spat v5.0.9, you requires AVX 1.0 extensions (hw.optional.avx1_0) or earlier (see section 2.3 in Spat5-ReleaseNotes.pdf in Spat5 docs folder)
It means since Sandy Bridge or equivalent processor. It was introduced in 2011.
Sandy Bridge is the second generation of Intel Core processors.

MacOS :

You can check the extensions supported by your hardware by typing the following command in a Terminal :

sysctl -a | grep hw.optional

A value of “1” indicates that the extension is supported; “0” is not supported.

  1. Mount the Spat 5 disk image.
  2. Copy the content to your Max Packages folder : typically ~/Documents/Max 8/Packages
  3. Launch Max in 64 bit mode.

Windows 10 :

Download Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool 64 bits version in order to check your CPU. If you have doubts.

Unzip the Spat 5 archive.

Copy the content to your Max Packages folder : typically ~/Documents/Max 8/Packages

Copy the following DLL files from the Spat package:
  • dependencies/zlib1.dll
  • dependencies/hdf5_hl.dll
  • dependencies/hdf5.dll
  • dependencies/libcurl.dll
  • dependencies/netcdf.dll

Alongside the Max 64 bit executable i.e.: C:\Programmes\Cycling '74\Max.exe (for Max 8.1.1)

  • Launch Max in 64 bit mode.
According to your PC configuration, it might do not work, then :
  1. Install the framework which include “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2017”; you can (freely) download it from Microsoft website.
  2. Select either “vc_redist.x64.exe” or “vc_redist.arm64.exe” depending on your architecture, and follow the instructions for installation.
  3. Launch Max in 64 bit mode.

Ah, yes - that works. Many thanks.