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Spat files issues in Max project

Hello, I have had very annoying issues with spat files in a max project :

Many objects don’t open with errors : “could not load due to incorrect architecture”
Others with errors : “no such objects”.

I don’t understand why it doesn’t work.
Apparently the objects are only recognised when previously opened elsewhere or added manually in the project, but the next time the project is opened, they are not recognised anymore.

When I look in the external folder of the project, the files are presented as folders instead of objects. Could this be a reason ?

It is even worse when I move the hole project in another folder. Obviously, the objects reference paths are then modified , but Max should look also in its own path (file preferences) where the Package folder is well referenced.

Do you have any idea how to solve this issues and make the Max project easily portable as it should be ?

Thanks a lot

(Max 8.5.2, Spat 5.2.9, MacOS 12.6, Proc. M1 Max)

Hi Roland,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
I don’t have a lot of experience with Max Projects, but everything seems to work OK for me.

Doing a very simple test:

  1. Create your Max patch (containing spat objects)
  2. Max > File > Save As Project…
    Save your project somewhere.
  3. In the project window, click on the “Manage project” icon, and then “Consolidate”
    At this point, the required externals are added to the Max project folder.
    They properly appear as mxo files (well, mxo bundles, technically speaking); they are not “presented as folders”.
  4. Quit and restart Max.
  5. Re-open the Max Project
    Everything loads fine (for me at least)
  6. Max > File > List Externals and Subpatchers File…
    You’ll see that the loaded externals are the one contained in the Max projects (sub)folder.

Moving the Max Projects somewhere else does not make any trouble.

Does this procedure work for you ?


Bonjour Thibaut,
Le problème ne surgit que quand je change de machine et que je modifie le projet, ce qui se reproduit tout le temps entre les différentes machines de travail utilisés dans notre projet.
Même consolidé, une fois transféré sur une autre machine, plus rien ne fonctionne.

S’agissant d’un gros projet, accepteriez-vous de me consacrer quelques minutes pour que je puisse vous monter le problème ? Je pourrai passer à l’Ircam.
Roland Cahen