Spat extremely slow



when I try to open spat.overview or the help section of any spat module, it takes a huge amount of time (several minutes) and Max is not responding in the meanwhile. Last time I opened it (few months ago), it run smoothly. Any help?
The software is properly installated, Max 7.3.5 is 64 bit and runs well with any other patch, my computer is very good also (i7, x64, 16gb ram). I also tried to re-install max and spat but nothing has changed.




This is strange…
The spat5.overview patcher is large and may take several seconds to open; but several minutes ??

Could you maybe create a “sampling” of Max. To do so, launch the macOS Activity Monitor, select the running Max application, click the “gear”, and select “Sample Process”. (see attached screenshot)
Then save the result and send it to me please.




Hi T.

thank you for your reply. I’m sorry I didn’t specified I’m using win 10. Could you please explain this procedure using task manager?

Thanks ,



Unfortunately I don’t know how to do that on Windows.
Does the slowness only occur in help patchers ? i.e. if you create a blank patch and add spat objects in it, is Max responding smoothly ?
I suspect that maybe Max might have trouble indexing the Spat reference pages; could you maybe try to delete the spat5/docs folder, restart Max, and see if the problem still occurs ?



Hi T.

thank you for your reply.
I tried your method but unfortunately it didn’t work. The problem comprehends only the opening of spat.overview and the help patchers and it still occurs. The functions of spat modules are not affected. However, yesterday I was in my studio and I noticed that if I use max with my Focusrite scarlett 18i20 (so with Focusrite USB ASIO driver), all works perfectly: overview starts in seconds and every help patchers too. Instead, if I use max with my computer only (so with ASIO4ALL - V2 drivers), overview and help patchers take ages to appear.

Any idea?




I just installed ASIO4ALL, and everything is still smooth.
Anyway, Spat is not directly linked to the audio driver; only Max is.
So now I would maybe suggest to delete the spat5.monitor.maxpat file, and see how it goes; this patcher involves adstatus and is used in most Spat help patchers. (so, if something weird happens with the audio driver, this might involve adstatus ???)
Otherwise, no idea.