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Spat and pattrstorage system

I have been trying to implement spat5 into my pattrstorage system but so far it is not working. Am I missing something or simply spat5 is not designed to work with pattrstorage (if this is correct… too bad!)?
I know snapshots work, but how can I call those from outside spat5.oper? Maybe this way I can link it to my pattrstorage system.
What are other ways to save presets? Documentation is not very helpful on this topic.

Hi JM,
I’m aware of these issues, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
Proper pattr support (along with improved documentation) is ready for the next release (currently under tests).
This should hopefully ship next week.

Hi Thibault,
I have ran into the same issue with pattrstorage again. I can store 1 preset in a json file, which allows me to use it when loading it, but it doesn’t seem possible to recall more than one preset.
Has this issue been dealt with?
Many thanks

Hi Coralie,

Have you looked at “spat5.tuto-osc-2.maxpat”, tab “pattr” ?
Annoyingly, you need to send the “/pattr/store” message before storing the preset; other than that, I believe things should work. Otherwise, feel free to send me additional information.


Hi Thibault,
My mistake, I had suppressed the viewer from my patch.I am in parallel using spat5.oper.
Will there a possible conflict between both objects?

No, there should be no conflict between objects.
But you need to send the “/pattr/store” message to all (spat5) objects that you want to pattr-ize.

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