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Spat 5.3.0, Panoramix 1.6.3, and ADMix 0.5.1 released

Dear all,

We are happy to announce that Spat 5.3.0 for Max/MSP, Panoramix 1.6.3, and ADMix 0.5.1 have been released last week, during the Forum Workshops.

The changelog is below.

Please read this thread regarding installation, troubleshooting, and bug reporting guidelines.


Release Version : 5.3.0
Release Date : 03/2023

  • spat5.panoramix : fix possible crash when recalling snapshot (after deleting tracks)
  • spat5.panoramix : can now reload session files made with a different value of @internals
  • spat5.smk~ : various improvements (patchers and externals)
  • spat5.viewer : added orientation messages for microphones
  • spat5.viewer : added image messages for microphones
  • spat5.viewer : changed orientations messages for eigenmike; for consistency with other elements;
    this makes a minor compatibility break with previous versions.
  • spat5.sweep~ : added second outlet for sync signal
  • spat5.smk~ : added one DSP outlet for signal-rate sync. Warning : minor compatibility break with previous versions!
  • spat5.smk~ : added warning message if no input signal
  • spat5.file.infos : added “/launch/app” message to launch an application, with optional arguments.
  • spat5.adm.play~, spat5.adm.renderer~ : improved compatibility with ITU-R BS.2076-2 and Dolby Atmos
  • spat5.calibrate.delay~ : added “/busy” status and output figures
  • spat5.calibrate.gain~ : added output figures
  • spat5.panoramix~ : fix missing delay processing on reverb bus
  • spat5.panoramix~ : minor cpu optimization
  • spat5.equalizer : added “/sidebar/visible” and “/channel/visible” messages
  • spat5.filterdesign : added new prototypes
  • added spat5.hoa.weighting~
  • upgraded to Juce 7 (including Metal rendering on macOS)
  • spat5.sf.* : fix possible crashes
  • added spat5.project
  • spat5.pan~, spat5.spat~ : fix various bugs with 3D vbap, and with automatic phantom speakers
  • spat5.speaker.config : added /display/zoom notifications (window outlet)
  • added spat5.hoa.equivalentorder
  • spat5.pansig~ : fix spurious warnings with hoa3d
  • spat5.pan~ : fix spurious warnings with phantom speakers
  • spat5.spat~ : fix issues with verbose mode
  • spat5.ircamverb~ : slightly changed the delays calculation, but improved compatibility with spat5.spat~
  • spat5.oper, spat5.viewer : fixed issue with yaw angle incorrectly recalled when recalling snapshots or presets.
  • spat5.sfplay~ : added “/close” message
  • snapshot window : added option to “store everything except /window”
  • spat5.spat~, spat5.reverb~, spat5.ircamverb~, spat5.panoramix~, spat5.multiverb~ : added “/decay/variation” message
  • spat5.panoramix~ : audio is muted while loading preset (safety)
  • spat5.panoramix~ : optimized loading of presets
  • spat5.panoramix : fix a possible bug when deleting a Reverb, and then recreating a similar Bus
  • spat5.oper : added message “/source/[index]/reset”
  • spat5.panoramix~ : fix bug with delay linkedtodistance not working properly on Mono and Stereo tracks
  • spat5.hrtf.infos : added diffuse-field calculation
  • spat5.cascade.inverse : now supports OSC bundles
  • spat5.binaural~ : added notification (rightmost outlet) when an HRTF dataset is loaded
  • spat5.hrtf.infos : added notification (rightmost outlet) when an HRTF dataset is loaded
  • spat5.panoramix : added copy/paste functionalities in routing windows
  • spat5.panoramix : improved early gains (improved compatibility with spat5.oper)
  • spat5.oper, spat5.roomsize, spat5.ircamverb, spat5.panoramix, etc : slight changes
    in the room size law. Minor compatibility break.
  • added spat5.elliptique~
  • spat5.sfplay~ : at the end of the loop, always return to beginning of the file
    (slight change compared to previous behavior)
  • spat5.sofa.loader : fix bug when using “recently used” box
  • spat5.spat~, spat5.panoramix~, spat5.wfs~ : now support macOS workgroup for efficient audio multithreading
  • spat5.viewer : several minor improvements
  • spat5.hrtf.infos, spat5.binaural~ : load built-in hrtf with the proper sampling rate
  • spat5.compressor, spat5.compressor~ : increased maximum expander ratio
  • spat5.panoramix : new options to copy tracks or buses settings