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Spat 5.2 on windows

Hi, I have noticed:

In the download package for spat5.2 there is no dependencies folder. I just copied the following dependencies from the /support folder

hdf5_hl.dll (97.5 KB) zlib1.dll (76 KB) hdf5.dll (2.1 MB) libcurl.dll (275 KB) netcdf.dll (989 KB)

But this does not solve the problem

I have installed visual studio.

Is it okay to use the old dependencies?

Hi Marjin,

Version 5.2 of the spat does not need to install .dll’s either…

Just put the Spat package in the Packages folder of Max…

/Documents/Max 8/Packages, is the default path .

If your Windows is recent, you shouldn’t need to install the framework…



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(thanks Jérôme for your reply)

To be more precise :
Spat (5.2 and higher) still requires DLL to work.
These DLLs are located in the /support folder.
This folder is automatically searched by Max, assuming you put spat5 into the Packages folder, which is my recommendation.

All instructions should be up to date here :

I have installed visual studio.

You dont need to “install visual studio”. But you might need to install the “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2019” (which is not the same)

But this does not solve the problem

I dont know what the problem is.

Is it okay to use the old dependencies?

No. You need the new DLLs files located in the /support folder.


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Thanks for your reply. I did install Windows c++ dist. kit. 2019. And I put the spat package in the package folder. However “error 126” persists.


I’ve done some tests and no problem.

Error 126 is the error we used to get when the .DLL files were not installed alongside Max. These files are now in the Max package, there shouldn’t be this error…

Wouldn’t there be some objects left somewhere from a version of Spat or any misleading with Max, see in the projects ?

There is no manipulation to do… I suggest you erase all traces of Spat on the PC and re-install it…



Thank you Jérôme,
Your response is correct, and my guess is also that an older version of spat5 lies somewhere in your search path. Indeed, try to remove previous versions.

If the problem really remains (but it shouldn’t !), you can try to copy all the DLLs (about 30 files) from the spat5/support folder to the Max.exe folder.


I confirm what @marjin said. I am preparing a pc for an installation and spat keeps giving me this error message. I’m sorry. Thank you very much for all your work, Spat5 is great!

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I don’t know what’s going wrong.

Could you please:

  • make sure there is no other (older) spat externals in your search path
  • you use the latest spat 5.2, and have installed it in your Packages folder
    (“C:\Users[username]\Documents\Max 8\Packages”)
  • have you installed the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2019 ?
  • make sure the folder “C:\Users[username]\Documents\Max 8\Packages\spat5-x64\support”
    contains 28 DLL files (zlib1.dll, netcdf.dll, libcurl.dll, ipps.dll, ippcore.dll, hdf5.dll, mkl_core.dll, etc.)
  • maybe, you could try to copy all these DLL files in the folder that contains Max.exe, typically :
    “C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 8”.
  • what is your Max version ? Windows version ?
  • have you checked (using the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool) that your processor supports AVX extensions ?

Putting the dll files (all of them) inside my documents > max 8 > packages did the trick for me. However this is not a great permanent solution because I want to be able to run the patch as a standalone. Therefore, it would be much better if spat could find the dependencies when they are located in the root executable folder. Aside from this inconvenience, I am very happy about the size reduction for spat5 on Windows.

Greetings, Marijn.

Well, for standalones, you’ll have to copy all these DLL inside the standalone folder, next to Max.exe.

  • there aren’t other versions of Spat, (5.2) it is the first one I install on this PC
  • yes, I absolutely copied Spat inside this folder
  • I think I have also installed Visual C ++ for Visual Studio 2019, in any case, would you send me a reference link? thanks
  • there is the “support” folder with 28 DLL files
  • in which folder of this directory (C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 8) should I put these DLL files?
  • Max version: 8.1.8, Win: 10 PRO (licensed)
  • no, I don’t have checked AVX extensions with Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, I will do it.

This problem also happens with MuBu, could they be related? And anyway I tested Spat 5.2 on Win with a VM on macOS and the same problem occurs.


What needs to be install is : “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2019”. Here is the link:

You don’t need to install Visual Studio 2019 !

MuBu and Spat are totally separated projects, so problems are un-related.
However, it is very likely that MuBu also requires the “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2019”. So, you should really try to do that first.

Again, a reminder :

In theory, you can leave the DLLs where they are (in the spat5-x64\support folder).
If you really have trouble, you could try to copy all the 28 DLLs in the same folder as “Max.exe”.

Hi T, yes this would normally work for me. But on spat 5.2 it does not work for me.

Hi T, yes this would normally work for me. But on spat 5.2 it does not work for me.

Hum… Can you explain / provide details ?
If things work in Max, they should work in standalone too.

Hi T,

Apologies for my late reaction.
let me be a little bit more specific:

platform: windows 10
visual c++ dist. kit. 2019 is installed.

For spat 5.2:

  • The support folder must be in: [my documents / max 8 / packages
    When doing this, spat 5.2 works correctly.

If I would put the dependencies in the max installation folder:
C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 8
it will not work, and error 126 shows up.

For this reason, I am unable to compile a standalone for spat 5.2 I need the dependencies to be situated in the root folder, like with older versions of spat.

Version 5.1.9 works perfectly fine when I put the DLL depencencies alongside the executable, Spat 5.2 does not find them that way.


Add the files in the collective build script of your standalone





When you build a standalone named “Foo”, you need to put all the necessary DLLs in the same folder as the generated “Foo.exe”.
I believe the “Include File…” strategy (build script) mentioned by @smalllotus should work. Otherwise I just manually copy the files, and that works well.

The “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2019” have to be installed on the “client” computer (computer(s) where the Foo.exe standalone will be executed).


ah this works thanks!

Resolved on pc! Thanks @tcarpent