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Spat 5.2.4 export preset issue/bug

There is an issue in Spat 5.2.4 where if you provide a destination folder when using (/preset/export), it will save the file in /Users/yourlogin/[full file path]

For example, if saving a preset file to the Desktop (on Mac), Spat will create a new folder with this file path:

/Users/yourlogin/Macintoch HD/Users/yourlogin/Desktop/preset.txt

export works fine if you only specify a filename and it saves it in /Users/yourlogin but it’s not possible to save it anywhere else.

Is it possible to use export/preset to save a preset outside of this folder or is this a deliberate limitation?

I’m currently using [savedialog] to send the filepath to (/preset/export/) but there might be a particular string formatting issue that is preventing this from working…


In theory you can export presets anywhere (assuming the destination folder has the proper write permission, of course).

I believe the issue is with the (horrible?) “Macintosh HD:” thing that a number of Max objects (such as [savedialog]) use. You can probably get rid of that using [conformpath]

Using /preset/export /Users/yourlogin/Desktop/preset.txt seems to work properly for spat objects. No ?

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Also : sending the “/preset/export” message (without a file location) will automatically open a save dialog. Maybe that can also be useful for you ?

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Ah yes, that was the issue. Using that message works but it’s an M4L device so I need something like [savedialog] to choose the location.

Looks like [conformpath] will do the trick to re-format it for /preset/export

Thanks for your help Thibaut!

Yes, that works but I need the filepath info to save it with the M4L device. Ideally I would be able to store spat preset with the device so the workaround is to store the preset filepath and load it with a loadbang when I open the Live session.

Hi srs,

Another option : using a [live.drop] object might be also handy for your case. This object stores the path passed in in your Live session. You can [set] it also.


It (the path) can be recalled easily and might allow you also to drag & drop new spat presets too.

Usually it might be better to store your preset inside your Ableton Live project folder and I think (should be verified…) that this object handles well the case, so your preset’s path should be always reloaded properly, even if you move your project folder later.


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I m not sure what values from spat you are trying to save as preset, and as i understand, it is m4l objects state/values right? Speaking from myself, i don’t use spat preset system in m4l. Instead, you might be interested to see how i manage this in xp4l. I have established a generic way to handle preset storing of all the datas, using ofc pattr/pattstorage, and json file stored in ~/Documents, so the files are read/saved dynamically. If you download the devices, you can get the abstraction to manage this.