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Spat 5.2.3 and Panoramix 1.5.1 released

Dear all,

Spat 5.2.3 for Max/MSP and Panoramix 1.5.1 have been released.

The changelog is below.

Please read this thread regarding installation, troubleshooting, and bug reporting guidelines.


Release Version : 5.2.3
Release Date : 05/2021

  • all objects : major optimization in snapshot interpolation
  • spat5.grids : fix tiny issues with healpix, lebedev and fliege grids
  • updated lib matio
  • audiofileconcat : added option to sort files (alphabetical or natural sort)
  • spat5.delgen : fix possible bugs with /minsum message
  • spat5.panoramix~ : fix bug with “/convention” not properly rendered on HoaStream
    and B-format tracks
  • spat5.panoramix : fix display bug for hoa order on HoaStream tracks
  • spat5.oper : fix possible bugs with the “distance” slider (when distance is smaller than radius)
  • all objects : optimized aed to xyz conversion
  • spat5.mirror, spat5.transform : fix /mirror/x and /mirror/y that where inverted
  • spat5.panoramix : fix possible crash when deleting ‘Multi’ tracks (and reloading session)
  • spat5.panoramix~ : fix bug with Direct-to-Master track, when the input signal is discontinued
  • spat5.evert : added quaternion orientation messages for sources and listener
  • all GUI objects : added “/window/export/image [file]” message
  • spat5.panner.metrics : added “/speakers/label/visible” message
  • spat5.evert~ : improved “/info” message
  • spat5.spat~ : fix critical bug with early reflections for stereo sources
  • spat5.spat~ : fix critical bug with panrev for stereo sources
  • spat5.panoramix~ : fix bug with reverb on transaural bus
  • spat5.spat~ : fix major bug with binaural iacc
  • spat5.panoramix : fix copy/paste settings for linux
  • spat5.panoramix : fix minor display issue with track d2b
  • spat5.panoramix~ : fix possible bugs with bus thru
  • spat5.panoramix~ : direct to master track contributes to LFE only if output routing is made
  • spat5.filterdesign : added new filter topologies (more accurate at high frequencies)
  • spat5.panoramix : added hoa focus component on eigenmike and zylia tracks
  • spat5.pan~ : added missing parameters in the status window, when using diffuse panning
  • spat5.evert~ : added messages to mute direct sound
  • spat5.evert : added “/hoa/order” message to set HOA order for simulation of source directivity
  • spat5.panoramix~ : save cpu when early reflections are muted
  • spat5.panoramix : fix (benign) bug when creating a wfs bus
  • spat5.speaker.layout : added new layouts
  • spat5.wfs~, spat5.panoramix~ : fix various bugs with xdelay mode
  • spat5.wfs~, spat5.panoramix~ : minor cpu improvements
  • spat5.panoramix~ : added parallel mode (multi-threading) for tracks
  • added spat5.weightingfilter
  • added spat5.boids
  • spat5.colormap : added “/random” and “/distinct” messages
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Dear all,

Alveoli has been updated with Spat 5.2.3