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Spat 5.2.1 released

Dear all,

Happy new year !

Spat version 5.2.1 for Max/MSP has been released.

In this version, some Intel-specific code has been removed/replaced, so that external objects are (supposedly) compatible with Apple M1 computers running with Rosetta.
This is NOT a native M1-build, but this Intel version can be properly translated by Rosetta,
so that it loads runs without crash. Thanks to @ctrapani and @romboutwillems for early testing.

Regarding CPU performances:

  • on Apple M1, the performances wont be optimal because of Rosetta translation.
    Hopefully it’s still good enough for standard usages.
    Native M1-build with full optimization is planned for the coming weeks/months.
  • on Intel-based architectures, the performances might marginally vary compared to previous spat5 versions.
    Some objects run slightly faster, and some slightly slower.
    On average, it should not make a significant difference.
    Please send feedback if you notice something really unusual.

Finally, please note that macOS 10.9 is now the minimum requirement.

Also, please read this thread regarding installation, troubleshooting, and bug reporting guidelines.


Here is the full changelog :

  • spat5.panoramix~ : minor CPU optimization (RMS metering)
  • spat5.panoramix : optimize GUI painting for macOS >= 10.14
  • spat5.spat~ : minor CPU optimization (cluster processing)
  • updated Spat5-Benchmark.pdf
  • spat5.osc.prepend, spat5.osc.append : fix crash when pattern contains ‘#’ character
  • spat5.panoramix~ : added transaural bus
  • spat5.shuffle~, spat5.reverb~ : fix bugs with Householder matrix
  • spat5.hoa.plot : added messages “/display/yaw”, “/display/pitch”, “/display/ypr”, etc.
  • spat5.hoa.slaconv~ : added “/info” message
  • spat5.hoa.slaconv~ : improved help patcher
  • spat5.hoa.slaconv~ : added warning messages if filter order mismatch
  • all objects : warning message for OSC messages ending with ‘/’ character
  • spat5.panoramix : fix various issues with floating windows
  • spat5.pan~ : divergence can operate even when spread is 0
  • spat5.panoramix : added message “/bus/[index]/speakers/editor/window/open”
  • spat5.panoramix : added message “/bus/[index]/speakers/editor/window/title”
  • all GUI objects : minor look-and-feel changed for toggle buttons
  • spat5.wfs, spat5.wfs~ : can now compute coefficients on the fly
  • spat5.wfs, spat5.wfs~ : added gain scaling factor
  • spat5.panoramix : added gain scaling factor for WFS bus
  • spat5.room~ : extended to multiple sources (minor compatibility break)
  • spat5.viewer, spat5.oper : fix issues when the source distance was set to 0
  • all GUI objects : added dump notification for “/preset/loaded” and “/preset/saved”
  • spat5.panoramix : fix minor issue with “/options/vumeters/visible” message
  • macOS 10.9 is now the minimum deployment platform
  • spat5.panoramix : added messages “/options/dock/viewer/window/title”, “/options/dock/equalizer/window/title”
  • spat5.panoramix : added “/direct/gain/offset”, “/early/gain/offset” and “/reverb/gain/offset”
  • spat5.ltc.trigger~ : changed behavior of 2nd outlet (delivers more useful messages)(minor compatibility break)
  • updated qhull library
  • updated IPP and MKL libraries
  • spat5.calibrate.gain~ : added “/stop” message
  • spat5.pan~, spat5.spat~, spat5.panoramix~, etc : more warning/error detections for loudspeaker setup
  • spat5.spat~ : fix some spurious error messages (hoa)
  • spat5.panoramix : added “/lfe/cutoff/bypass” message
  • spat5.grids : added new spherical grids
  • added spat5.granulator~